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Falcon 75 ACLM

Automatic Cone Laying Machine for 75 cm tall cones

Product Characteristics:

The FACLON 75 ACLM is a premium solution for fully automated traffic cone handling, featuring some unique characteristics:


  • EASY: Easy to operate through touch screen control panel.

  • RESILIANT: Machine design suited for all-weather use (except snow).

  • RELIABLE: Developed and tested since 2014 and with experience of 150’000+ cones deployed and collected over hundreds of kilometers of lane closures.

  • FAST: FALCON 75 out-performs most competitor systems based on speed.

  • SAFE: Minimal exposure of machine structure to live traffic. Zero exposure of moving parts to live traffic.

  • FLEXIBLE: Various modes allow for use in different traffic management settings

  • MODULAR: Available in three sizes (S/M/L) to fit your requirements.

  • Swiss Quality: Designed, developed, and manufactured in Switzerland.

  • FALCON 75 is our 3rd generation cone laying machine. With close to 10 years of experience with automated cone laying systems, we've raised the bar for performance and reliability.

For more information download the FALCON 75 ACLM Technical Data Sheet

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